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Themes and Sub-themes
1. Agrobiodiversity for Food, Nutrition and Ecosystem Services
i Harnessing traditional foods: landraces, indigenous breeds, native strains and races for nutrition and health
ii New species for diversification: genetic resources for the future
iii Genetic resources for ecosystem services
iv Sustainable use of genetic resources
2. Agrobiodiversity for Adaptation and Mitigation of Climate Change
i Climate change - threats and opportunities
ii Assessing real impact of climate change on agrobiodiversity
iii Genetic resources for resilience in agriculture
3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs), Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) and Farmers' Rights
i IPR and other legal instruments: national and international experiences
ii Germplasm exchange: current concerns and options for access
iii Access and benefit sharing: the way forward
iv Farmers’ and Breeders’ rights: implications
4. Quarantine, Biosafety and Biosecurity Issues
i Introducing germplasm: challenges and innovations
ii Preparedness for biosafety and biosecurity
iii Implementing Cartagena protocol, SPS agreements and other treaties
iv Invasive alien species: threat assessment and management
5. Conservation Strategies and Methodologies
i Genebanks: options for efficient management
ii In situ and on farm conservation: incentives and sustainability
iii Conserving wild relatives and species
iv Managing community genebanks: strategies, technologies and policies
6. Science-led Innovation for Agrobiodiversity Management and Sustainable Use
i Genomic resources: conservation and utilization
ii Pre-breeding and genetic enhancement
iii Geographical information system (GIS) and remote sensing
iv Genetic resource databases and informatics
7. Capacity Building and Strengthening Partnerships
i Capacity building: new initiatives and paradigm shifts
ii Civil society organisations: sharing of experiences
iii Engendering agrobiodiversity and role of youth
iv Partnership and networking

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