Indian Society of Plant Genetic Resources



The primary objective of the society is to provide a forum to various workers in the field of plant genetic resources to express their views, publish their findings and interact with different stakeholders. It provides opportunities to scientists, researchers and other stakeholders from different disciplines to address problems confronting various aspects such as collecting, exchange, characterization, evaluation, conservation and utilization of PGR in a concerted and integrated manner and to express their views on national and international policies and programs related to genetic resources.

The society aims at the following:

  1. To promote research in the field of PGR and related disciplines such as plant exploration/collecting,characterization, evaluation, conservation, utilization, introduction and exchange, quarantine anddata documentation and information management. Broadly, it will involve in an integrated way variousdisciplines, viz., Economic Botany, Ecology, Genetics, Plant Breeding, Ethnobotany, Taxonomy,Biosystematics, Biotechnology, Plant Physiology, Horticulture, Seed Science, Chemistry, Agronomy,Plant Pathology, Entomology, Nematology, Agricultural Statistics, Information Technology and allieddisciplines.
  2. To provide a forum to the scientists for expressing their critical views based on the scientificknowledge and rational thinking on important national policies and programmes related to PGRresearch and development.
  3. To collect, collate and disseminate information on PGR
  4. To encourage and promote close association/collaboration among members belonging to variousdisciplines
  5. To work in association and collaboration with other national and international societies/organizationshaving similar objectives.
  6. To publish a journal at regular interval, as decided by the Executive Council (EC), as an officialpublication of the Society.